Onyenwe Anarchy

On an anarchy server, nowhere is safe.

For a more daring take on survival Minecraft, we offer Onyenwe Anarchy, a lawless world where there are no land protections or pvp restrictions. Everything is much more consequential and there is a greater incentive to fortify your belongings and hide your base from other players.

There's no economy, no stores, and hardly any plugins. Anarchy lives on the bleeding edge of Minecraft releases as they come out. The server resets often and there is frequent action and conflict. If you want a fast-paced pvp-intense experience, try out Onyenwe Anarchy.

Why are there rules on Anarchy?

While having rules on an anarchy server contradicts the name's definition, banning hacks was a decision we put a lot of thought into and we believe it is the best option for our server for several reasons. Allowing hacks on an anarchy server removes much of the game's PVP, which is a main reason players might choose to play on Anarchy in favor of Survival. It also removes much of Minecraft's progression system when mining and building can be practically automated with X-Ray and Baritone. Additionally, much of the fun of creating a strategically hidden base is ruined by fly/speed hacks and ESP. Most importantly, hacks are inaccessible to much of the playerbase, and making the server a contest of who installed the most powerful hack client is not a route we wanted to go down.