Onyenwe Creative

Onyenwe Creative is a seamless way to build to your heart's content in Minecraft. Build together and alongside others with the help of powerful tools. Be free of any worries about the safety of your builds thanks to land claims.

Powerful and Safe Experience

Many users may prefer to play in creative mode on singleplayer worlds due to the commands they are able to use to empower their building ability such as /fill. Others may not know how to use these commands and choose to build without them. On Creative, all users are endowed with the power of block placement commands in addition to even greater functionality in an easy-to-use package with the inclusion of WorldEdit. This allows everyone to have the ability to create massive builds with ease.

On Creative, all builds happen inside of a claim. This prevents griefing public areas and allows for any and all builds to be protected. These is the same GriefPrevention-powered claim system used on Onyenwe Survival, meaning claims are easy to use and create.