Which Server Should You Play On?

All of them, of course! Each server has a specific purpose that fits into Onyenwe Server's overall experience.

Onyenwe Survival

Survival is more long-lasting and gets updates slower, but has more quality-of-life plugins as well as plugins that will protect the things you build far into the future. If you want a more laid-back experience where you can work on big projects, check out Onyenwe Survival.

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Onyenwe Anarchy

As a general rule, Anarchy gets updated more frequently and will be available within hours of a game update. It gets reset far more often, features a confined world border, and there's no economy or trading to be found. If you want a fast-paced pvp-intense experience, try out Onyenwe Anarchy.

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Onyenwe Creative

If you want to let your creativity run wild, or test out a build before making it on Survival or Anarchy, Onyenwe Creative is for you. The server allows you to make use of WorldEdit as well as change your gamemode to allow for easy testing.

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