About Onyenwe Server

The server is self-hosted and is directly managed. It is a dedicated machine running a headless Linux server that is primarily accessed remotely.

Self-hosting allows for us to have direct control over plugins and greatly improves server performance. One important strength of self-hosting is improved update times. For the 1.18 update, Onyenwe Server was up within less than 30 minutes after the update's release, allowing users to experience the update as soon as it came out right here on the server.

In order to stay up to date with the server, consider joining the Discord, subscribing to the YouTube channel, or following the server's Twitter or Instagram accounts.


Oyot Onyenwe

Lead Developer

Manages the server and its plugins as well as the website and Discord server.


Discord: Oyot#0121

Email: oyot@onyenwe.com

Minecraft Username: Oyot

Pierre Robspierre

Head Architect

Works on the server's massive builds such as the lobby and the PVP arena.


Discord: bappy#7961

Email: pierre.monkey.22@gmail.com

Minecraft Username: pierrerobspierre


Graphic Designer

Created the logo and promotional materials for the server, website, and social media.


Discord: TBD

Email: TBD

Minecraft Username: TBD