World Downloads

When any of the servers has a world reset, the previous world will be available for download on this page.

The world downloads are hosted on Google Drive. Files are compressed in .7z archive format and can be opened with 7-zip. Downloads are very large, so do not close this tab or the browser until they are finished.

Once extracted, place the folder in your %appdata%/.minecraft/saves directory. The worlds will appear named as "world" in Minecraft, so be sure to rename them after downloading. The version that the worlds were originally hosted on is listed. It is recommended to use that version of Minecraft when entering them.


World Download for Survival 1.4.0-2.4.3 (12/3/2021-2/5/2023)

Download (7z) (Java 1.19.3)

World Download for Survival 0.1.0-1.2.9 (11/8/2020-11/30/2021)

Download (7z) (Java 1.17.1)


World Download for Anarchy 1.3.0-2.0.6 (11/30/2021-6/7/2022)

Download (7z) (Java 1.18.2)

World Download for Anarchy 1.2.1-1.2.9 (6/8/2021-11/30/2021)

Download (7z) (Java 1.17.1)

World Download for Anarchy 1.1.0-1.1.6 (3/12/2021-6/8/2021)

Download (7z) (Java 1.16.5)